2017 Legislative Season

I am truly honored to be representing House District 49 for the 2017 session. Throughout the first half of this session we have been working hard to ensure that Colorado is a great place to live.

HB17-1171 Authorize New Transportation Revenue Anticipation Notes

Sponsored by: Rep. Buck and Rep. Carver

HB17-1171 is a bill that Representative Terry Carver and I are working very hard to get passed in committee. Arguably the most important duty of the government is to keep the roads clean, safe, and functional for its citizens. HB17-1171 will do just that by allowing increased funding for Transportation, making the most out of taxpayers’ dollars.

HB17-1115 Direct Primary Health Care Services

Sponsored by: Rep. Buck, Rep. Ginal, Sen. Kefalas, and Sen. Tate

HB17-1115 outlines and authorizes the practice of Direct Primary Care. Direct Primary Care is not subject to insurance. This allows doctors and patients to contract on a fee for service basis. This bill passed the Health Committee and the House Floor unanimously. We look forward to it passing in the Senate.

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